Alpha-Stim Research Review

The following are references with comprehensive annotated abstracts of research on Alpha-Stim technology. All Alpha-Stim research has consistently shown positive results without significant adverse effects with the possible exception of one study by Tan and Monga at a VA hospital on 11 patients (please read the rebuttal following the abstract. These studies clearly indicate that Alpha-Stim cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) and microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) are safe and effective therapies for managing a wide variety of disorders. We are pleased to report that quite a bit of additional Alpha-Stim research is in development. However, there should already be enough research on the Alpha-Stim to satisfy any unbiased reviewer. If you are interested in conducting or supporting Alpha-Stim research, contact Ron Lefkowitz, CEO at 

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CAUTION: Note that all of these references are applicable only to highly sophisticated Alpha-Stim  Electromedical Products Core Medical has consistently striven to maximize efficacy while maintaining safety and cannot be responsible for the quality of any of the several imitation products coming out of places like Taiwan. One inferior Taiwanese copy, the “Micro-850”, even plagiarized an Alpha-Stim Owner’s Manual, practically verbatim. The results seen with the unique technology employed by genuine Alpha-Stim products have not been duplicated. However, to achieve beneficial results, Alpha-Stim products must be used correctly. Core Medical Consultants is a highly trained and dedicated Alpha-Stim Authorized Distributor and provides expert clinical support to licensed practitioners who use and prescribe Alpha-Stim products.

This material is being provided only as background material for potential researchers, not for promotional purposes. The research represented herein represents the findings and opinions of the authors. Core Medical Consulting expresses no opinion with regard to representations made herein. Core Medical Consulting supports only those claims contained within the labeling of the  products it sells.

RESEARCHERS: If you are interested in conducting bona fide, publishable research, please review our Company Research Policy.

All science is not alike. For an overview of some of the differences in device vs. drug studies and what makes good scientific study design, take a look at an article on the subject, “If This is so Good, Why Isn’t Everyone Using It? A Few Words About Science”.

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